Quatorze Juillet

Dear ladies & fellas

Today is quatorze juillet or the 14th of July, the French National Day. Despite the fact, that France is today the most dangerous country for jews in western europe, I have a deep affection for said country. So, as usual, I decide, to write fourteen reasons, why I still love France:

1) The national motto of France, „Liberty, Equality & Fraternity“ is still something I believe in. Because I am jewish. The thing, that jews are equal citizens in Europe was born during the french revolution, where the monarchy was tumbled & an republic was established.

2) The french republic gave the jews in Europe twice liberty & dignity back. The first time when Adolphe Cremieux was the minister of justice & the second time, when french soldiers, as part of the allied forces in World War II, liberated the jews from the Concentration camps.

3) Because of the most things of french culture, that includes great thinkers like Rousseau & Montesquieu, but also thinkers like Alain Finkielkraut & Elisabeth Badinter. I prefer french philosophers over the german ones, because the german philosophers do have a totalitarian vibe, which I don´t dig.

4) Of course, the french movies are equally terrific and the french movie industry is probably the best in Europe. From bloody gore movies to terrific indie flicks, one could anything one wish. And I really love the french gore movies.

5) The french cuisine, which is far superior, than most cuisines in the world. Maybe it´s the best cuisine, beside the japanese, the italian, the arabic & the persian cuisine. One was not really alive, until one tried Brioche, Galette de roi & duck confit & Champagne ( or Cremant, if you are cheap person, like me).

6) The french culture includes also geniuses like Serge Gainsbourg, Charles Aznavour & Philippe Dijan. These guys prove those good for nothing banlieu-boys wrong, that one couldn´t make it in France, because of the fact, that parents are not french-born & one grew up in poverty.

7) Of course I am also huge fan of the french view on fashion & style & their aesthetic. Simple, but not minimalistic like the scandinavian & elegant, but not over-done, like in many countries in America. So it`s hardly surprising, that I love labels like „Chanel“, „YSL“ & „Zadig Et Voltaire“. It`s also not surprising at all, that I have also an obsession with lipstick, despite the fact that I barely wear foundation & use all kind of conditioners, to have that wawy parisian hair.

8) The french language is also terrific & it`s like they said in „Matrix“: Cursing in french it`s like wiping your arse with silk“.

9) The music from France is also magnifique, like Serge Gainsbourg, as I said above, but also the good for nothing boys, like Seth Gueko & so on, they all have amazing lyrics.

10) The french sense for community, they don`t bother, if the museum or the park looks like something made for king or a viceroy, as long as anybody can walk in said park & share the beauty.

11) The secular goverment: Since the days of Samuel of Nerhadea & King Shapur, the jews prefer a secular goverment, over a very religious one, especally in the diaspora. And we, as a people, get many benefits from the french secular goverment during the times.

12) The french football league is a league on it´s own & since I saw the „Equipe tricolore“, the french national football in 1998, I am huge fan of them & their art of football. Especally of Zizou. I think the guy is a blessed player.

13) Even they were bad times in the french-jewish history, like the Dreyfus affair or the german occupation, the republic was able to fix that somehow. Even more: France became the home of the third largest jewish community in the world. And despite the fact, that there are now bad times for the jewish frenchmen & it´s maybe time to leave, the republic tries really hard to protect us. I mean, that´s something, that is almost unbearable, that you have to go to a synagoue or kosher deli & there are soldiers, that are badly needed for your protection. But I also shows, that the french goverment finally somewhat understands the problem. I also remeber the times, when I lived in Moscow & first politicians of the LDPR in the parlament shouted „Save Russia, kill the jews“ & later protestors in front of the synagogue shouted the same. And there were no police nor soldiers there, to protect us. So I appreciate the fact, that the french goverment somehow tries to protect the jews.

14) The french national anthem, is one of the few anthems, besides HaTikva & the „National Anthem*“ by Lana Del Rey, I can sing. So here we are, as a last reason: La Marseillaise:

* 😉

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