I am angry

Dear ladies & fellas,

I am angry, mostly I am sick & tired, of those people on the left who defend the terrorists of Paris & say that the „French government & its welfare cuts during the Sarozy government are to blame for the killings on Friday“ because the Arabs in France & Belgium are „poor & desperate“.

As you may know, I am Jewish. I hail from Eastern European countries that fell under the „Iron Curtain“ after WWII. So my family and I have experienced a fair share of oppression & despair. In fact, my great-grandfather was killed in 1936 by the NKWD because they said he was a „rootless cosmopolitan”;* my other, non-Jewish great-grandfather was send to the GULAG because he was the private secretary of the first Interior Minister of the First Georgian Republic. He died shortly after his release from the Gulag. So, as you may see, my family was also desperate in the Soviet Union, because they were forced to stay in a country that killed their relatives & they could not leave.

In fact, the shit didn’t end then, either: one of my cousins, who was a bit naive to be willing to do his mandatory service in the Russian Army a couple of years ago, was shot in the leg by his own comrades, who mistreated him because he is an Jew. They called him „Zhid“ („Kike“ in Russian) & left him there to die. He survived. He & his older brother moved to Israel because of it. Because you can’t find justice in Russia when you are a member of a minority.

Still, he didn’t try kill random, innocent Russian people. Neither does his brother or I.

Natan Sharansky, who is a well-known figure in the „Otkasnik movement“ didn`t kill anybody either. He fought for the freedom of Soviet Jewry peaceful, even when he was badly tortured in the infamous Lubjanka prison, a prison that is as infamous & frightening for Russian-speaking people as the Evin prison in Iran. Later, when Natan Sharansky was set free & he was a minister in Israel, he didn’t try to kill anybody, nor is he, today, a threat to either the Russian or the Israeli society.

I, personally, think that this kind of thinking that you excuse people for engaging in terrorism when you think that they might be „poor & desperate“ is the real threat for Europe. We don`t defend our values anymore, & with values I mean things like „liberty“, the value of human life, and that adult people are responsible for their own actions. And that makes me angry. Well & of course the fact, that people find cheap excuses for murders.

*A term invented to conceal the anti-Semitic will to kill Jews…

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