The Key Problems Of The Iranian Opposition

Dear ladies & fellas

In the past couple of days, I had conversations with various Iranians who oppose the current regime. During these conversations I discovered what, in my humble opinion, are the real reasons why Iran is still not a democracy. Here are these problems & I will also give also some advice for solving them.

  1. No unity whatsoever: The Iranian opposition is divided. When Iranian opposition members meet each other, it is always as if somebody put some hungry kittens in a big bag & hit the bag with a stick. Those kittens go insane & fight each other; meanwhile, the Iranian regime can lay back & relax.
    My advice here: swallow your ego & your pride a little bit & fight for the liberty of Iran. Now is NOT the time to fight over little things.
  2. Being unable to carry out a revolution on one’s own & always crying about the lacking of help from various Western countries: With the greatest respect, there are countries that the average European couldn’t find on the map that were able to fix their shit on their own & become democratic states with a functioning rule of law. Georgia is a prime example for that. Czechoslovakia, with the „Velvet Revolution“, is another example.
    My advice here: Start fixing your shit on your own. If you want to overthrow the regime: do it. It will be your revolution & your liberty, you will take pride in it.
  3. The lack of real leadership: It is good to be a liberal, democratic person, but if you lack a leader who could speak for your organization, it looks messy & immature. Nobody would trust you to lead a country, if you are not able to choose a leader for your organization of 27 Iranian students who oppose the regime.
    My advice here: Choose leaders who can speak for your organizations.
  4. Beware of the crooks: There are always some organisztions that hijack good causes & do more than good. Here I am speaking of the MEK, which is a terrorist organization that worships Maryam Rajavi as if she were the Mahdi. This organization has also carried out terrorist attacks on Iranian civilians & tries to convince many educated Western people that they are just opposition members.
    My advice here: Be careful & always double-check your political friends, or you will end up like Cesar…
  5. Nobody wants to sacrifice even a dime for a good cause: The regime thugs are one step ahead of the Iranian opposition, because the thugs are so radicalized that they even willingly die for their cause. Meanwhile, the Iranians in the West don’t even want to donate to an organization that fights for the liberty of their very own kinsmen. In fact, all that most guys can do is sit back & repeat why their revolution failed in 2009, but they still don’t even go out & distribute flyers on a Saturday afternoon. Or, as I said, give some money to a good organization.
    My advice here: If you want something, do something for it. Sacrifice some of your money, your time, whatever, for a cause you believe in. Don’t sit back & watch the radicalized maniacs win.

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