Dear Ummah, We Have To Talk…

Dear ladies & fellas

During the last weeks I encountered again a subject, that I mentioned in earlier pieces:

The conspiracy theories and the likeness of the population of Ummah countries of blaiming all kinds of ethnic- and religious minorities of the failures and shortcomings of the majority in said countries.

No, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not a Georgian and his wife is not Armenian, no matter how much Turkish nationalists continue to howl. Same goes for the Pahlavis: They are neither Armenian nor Georgian, because the late Shah shook once hands with a priest/monk/whatever in, what I assume, is the Vank cathedral in Isfahan and because some butthurt, die-hard Mossadegh-fanboys claim the Pahlavis are illegitmate descendants of some Georgian slave.

It certainly takes more than gossip to be Georgian. Among those things, that would make somebody a Georgian are:

  • Being able to distinct between Mchadi (cornbread), Khinkali (dumplings) and Khachapuri (Cheese bread).
  • Thinking that a Chokha (Wool coat) and a Qama (Short sword) combined, are the most impressive national dress in the world.
  • Being able to pronounce the following words:
    – Mtskheta: Former capitol of Georgia, where most Georgian kings were coronated and buried.
    – Mkhedruli: The offical scripture for Georgian and most Kartvelian languages.
    – Mkhedari: Knight or member of the most notorious militia in the post-civil-war-era.
  • Actually identify oneself as Georgian.
  • Also being able to speak a few words in Georgian wouldn`t hurt either.

But let`s continue with the actual subject of this piece: No, Hosni Mubarak was not a Christian. His wife, Susanne Mubarak, was of Christian descent & converted to Islam prior to marrying Hosni Mubarak. But Hosni Mubarak was not Christian himself, no matter what Muslim Brotherhood-members claim. Abdelfattah Al-Sisi is not a Jew, because he grew up in, what used to be, the Jewish quarter of Kairo. I grew up in the Red light district of Zurich and in the old town of Tblissi, but that doesn`t make me a broadie either. The royal family of Saudi-Arabia is also not Jewish. This list could go on, till I reveal more gossip than Sheherazade told fairytales…

However, to be as blunt as purple haze: I never encountered people, except Russians, like folks from the Ummah countries, that are so keen on believing conspiracy theories and blaiming all their own shortcomings and failures on any imagineable minority. As a matter of fact: This trait doesn`t help to advance and progress the societies in the countries, that I mentioned in my critique. It`s quite the opposite, said trait holds the socities back and in a very regressive state with this almost unbelievable blame-game. If you are, dear reader, one of these cats, that are guilty of spreading such conspiracy-theory-gossip: Stop it, immediately. You do yourself, your community and humanity a favour with ditching this crap.

Yours sincerely


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