My Two-Cents On Bibi-Gate

Dear ladies & fellas

Let`s make one thing clear first: I never voted for Benjamin Netanyahu, nor would I vote for him now. I would acctually vote for someone like Moshe Kahlon. But before I drag my ass to protest against the only democratically elected prime-minister in the whole MENA-Region, who is no saint, but a decent politician and make myself look like a complete imbecile, I would rather jump out of the window.

Currently the whole MENA-Region, besides Israel, is a mess that is either ruled by dictators of different creeds or produces failed states like Yemen, Libya etc. In my book there are more revelant issues for the whole world than if the the current prime-minister of Israel is corrupt or not. I believe in the Israeli state of law, so there is no need for pitchforks and a mob. So let`s see what the investigation brings.

As far as I see those accusations in the past revealed themselves to be nothing than smoke and mirrors. In fact, the accusations against Bibi of being corrupt and/ or having a pompous lifestyle made the accusers look like imbecile puritans, who dig through other peoples` trash because of some pistachio ice-cream, wine and scented candles. In fact: Those accusations of the past make the accusations of today look like a continuing witch-hunt and therefore less valid. These means for us, the people who don`t live in Israel, to calm down and let the Israelis take care of that, which worked out in the past pretty well.

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