The Real Problems Of The Ummah

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Through the fact, that many states with a Muslim majority population either became failed states or are on the edge of becoming failed states in the near future, questions arose, what, besides the usual problems, led to such a fate. The so called „Middle east conflict“, the conflict between Israel, the Jew among the nations, and the Arab world, respectively political Islam, can not act as an excuse why Afghanistan is today practically a failed state, in which warlords, terror groups and different clans fight each other.

This is why I take, in this piece, a closer look at different states, which are all connected through the banner of Islam, have certain problems and what the reasons for said problems are. Because, there are diffenet kind of problems, besides political Islam und the marriage of convenience between political Islam and Arab nationalismus, that keeps coming back. Said problems cause a deep misery among the Ummah and these are the causes for said misery:

  1. Tribalism: First and foremost arab societies are extermely tribalistic and I have this fact not from an obscure blog, but this thesis comes from the Israeli scholar Mordechai Kedar. But tribalism is not only a problem in the Arab world, but also one of the reasons why Somalia and Afghanistan became failed states and both states, Somalia and Afghanistan, are not Arab states. Tribalism is also among the reasons, why there is still no independent Kurdistan. Kurds are also no Arabs, however the fact the Kurds usually show more loyality to the Barzani- or Talabani-clan or some other clan, than an actual state, prevents progress and nation building.  Which has been proven by the events in Kirkuk. In Kirkuk the followers of the Talabani-clan deserted from their posts and caused therefore the fall of the city. Another example: When David the Builder fought back the tribalism in Colchis/ West-Georgia and completed the marriage between Iberia/ East-Georgia and Colchies/ West-Georgia, he also secured the stability of the united kingdom, a country that is today known as Republic of Georgia. Despite numerous invasions and occupation today Georgia exists as functioning Republic and not as failed state like Afghanistan.
  2. Irredentism: Irredentism is a plague among the Ummah-nations and people. Among those, who suffer from the plague are Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is ridden by an Islamic neo-imperialism and therefore is killing Kurds and wants to repeal the treaty of Lausanne. But the Kurds themselves also suffer from irredentism: When grown-up and well-educated Kurds tell me, that they want to ethnically cleanse Hamadān, an Iranian city with a Persian majority, and also to ethnically cleanse Javakhetia, a region in Georgia, that borders Armenia, then this not only lacks respect to countries such as Iran and Georgia, it also being completely in denial of reality. And the reality is, that both, Georgia and Iran, have the legitimate sovereignity to rule over Javakhetia, respectively Hamadān. This will not change in the future. The irredentism from which also the Arabs suffer and which causes them to not recognize the legitimate sovereignity of Israel over the Golan, Jerusalem and other places, is obviously only a facet of the plague of irredentism. The mullahs in Tehran also suffer from the plague of irredentism and fantasize about the ressurection of the Persian Empire, this time under the flag of the Islamic Republic. Said plague leds inevitabelly to failed states to failed states, because a nation can not waist ressources for coming conquests.
  3. The lack of human- especally women`s rights: Do you know, dear reader, that the majority of women in countries, such as Yemen, Sudan, Mauretania, Morocco, Algeria and Pakistan are not able to read and write?! Women in said are denied of their education. A society, however, that denies 50% of it`s own citizen their education because of their sex, is doomed to stay backwards. No matter if the elites are educated in Oxford, Stanford or at the Sorbonne, or not. And I don`t even start on the lack of rights for Bahai, LGBTI-people, Christians, Jews, Agnostics and Atheists. Not even if one has the exact same religion as the majority one seems to be save from a mob in the Ummah, which is proven by the events in South-Kirgistan in 2010, when a Kirgiz mob commited pogroms against the Uzbek minority, despite the fact that both, Kirgiz and Uzbek, people are Sunni Muslim and member of the Turkic peoples.

Summa summarum: As seen by  some examples here, the Ummah has many problems and those problems are, in most cases, absolutely homegrown and those problems have, therefore nothing to do with the existence of Israel, colonialism and so on. It is about time, that the Ummah starts to solve those problems, instead of looking for scapegoats to blame on.

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