Veritas Vincit (In English)

Dear ladies and fellas

During the last couple days the youth in Iran rallied for civil rights, freedom and democracy. We, as people who are blesssed to live in democracies, have to show those people solidarity. We, as people, who were blessed to witness the magnificent changes, that occured during the events such as the „Revolution of Roses“, have to be the voice of those, whi were silenced by the regime. We, as a whole, as every human being, who strives to live in dignity have also to acknowledge the following eternal facts:

  1. Truth prevails: The Mullahregime and their cronies can not fool all the people all the damn time with their flithy lies and propaganda. No matter how hard the regime tries, the truth will prevail.
  2. The people of Iran are not and neither is the Iranian youth is alone: Descent human beings do care about what is currently happening in the streets of Iran. Decent human beings should also not remain silent in the current climate and express their voices through Twitter, blogs, opinion pieces etc. Decent human beings should also, if possible, rally against this inhumane regime. Use your voice, your liberty to secure the liberty of the citizens of Iran.
  3. Marg bar Jumhurriyet Eslamiye: The mullahregime will fall, it is just a matter of time. Because the regime was never an anchor of stability in the region as said by many German „experts“, instead it was a threat to stabilty, democracy and human lives, not only for the citizens of Iran, but also for others. Let`s not forget the words, that Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on the Maidan: „They cannot kill us all“.

Also, if you are an Iranian, who thinks I missed something in this piece or do you want to express your opinion and make suggestions how people could help the citizens of Iran, then feel free to comment down below.

Again „Veritas vincit“ and „Marg bar Jumhurriyet Eslamiye“!!!

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