Confessions Of A Vatanforoosh

Hey Iranians
Another week  another death-thread by a misguided Iranian member of the opposition.
Do you seriously think  that I enjoy being told that I am „worse than Malakhor, worse than the N-Bomb“?!?
Do you folks seriously think that by calling me a „Vatanforoosh“ and „worse than Khameini“ because apparently it is me that „keeps Iran weak and fragmented“ I will change my mind, my name and my ethnicity to „become Iranian“?!?
What is wrong with you people that you guys seem to derive pleasure from threatening to invade my homecountry and killing me in front of my parents* since they raised me to being a „Vatanforoosh“?!?
Do you guys really think that there is even a minority in the Caucasian countries, that wants Persian occupation back?!?
In 1991 the Caucasian countries voted for independence and not for being ruled by a failed empire no matter if it is the Russian one, the Persian one or the Ottoman one.
You guys fail to gasp that the Treaty of Golestan was a gift from heaven compared to what the Caucasian countries had to endure under Persian-/ Ottoman- and Russian occupation.
A Vatanforoosh
*When I replied to him that I am virtually an orphan he said that he wants to turn ALL the children of Armenia and Georgia into orphans because we are all inherently traitors.

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