The Kremlin and the affair surrounding Navalny

Dear Readers!

In the last couple of days, I was often asked about my opinion on the affair surrounding the poisoning of the Russian anti-corruption-activist and opposition-leader, Alexey Navalny. First and foremost: I am personally not really an avid fan of Alexey Navalny, he is Russian nationalist and chauvinist who like the KGB-gnome Putin dreams of a “greater Russia” on the territories of Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia,  he loathes the people of the Caucasus like little old me and makes this known by calling Georgians “rodents” and during the Russo-Georgian-war in 2008 he wanted to strike Tbilisi with a cruise-missile. In my humble opinion, despite all of the obvious, I think that Alexey Navalny has a right to be alive and in addition to that to live a life in dignity. He may deny me all of it, I however will not lower myself to his standards. Therefore, Alexey Navalny did not deserve to get attacked by the Kremlin like that.

As usual with these attacks the Kremlin denies any involvement and instead tries to manipulate the narrative, read the Kremlin lies. But maybe the narrative that is propagated by the Kremlin in the last couple of weeks has some truth to it. Let’s imagine that Russia is that run down that the organized crime can get their hands with ease on a neurotoxin and a chemical warfare agent to being to assassinate an opposition-leader like Navalny. What would this fact tell us? That Russia is on its best or worst way of becoming a failed start like Libya and Somalia because the authorities in charge lost control, either through corruption or incompetence, or a combination of both. Overall, these are no good news about a country that evidently has NBC-weapons since Russians themselves admit, and by that I not only mean the officials in the Kremlin, that Russia has a huge problem with radicalized Moslems in the Russian-controlled northern Caucasus. If today organized crime allegedly can get their hands with ease on something like Novichok then this means tomorrow some Jihadi can get his hands-on nuclear weapons grade material, build a “dirty bomb” with it and detonate said bomb either in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Murmansk.

Who would be responsible for that, if that was the case? Well, probably the one who is charge of Russia for over twenty years because he clings to power like a heroine-addict to the needle and now is longer in charge than Stalin himself, no one else than the KGB-gnome Vladimir Putin. So even if this grotesque theory according to which Navalny was poisoned by the organized crime and not the Kremlin, with the nerve-agent Novichok in the end it would not matter at all because the main-culprit would still be the KGB-gnome because under his rule Russia deteriorated that much that organized crime can easily get weapons of mass-destruction. This means that the rulers in the Kremlin like the KGB-gnome and tough guys like Dmitry Peskov obviously are completely overwhelmed and one needs to put Russia under forced administration. Preferably the forced administration of Georgians like Mikhail Saakashvili and myself because after all the Georgian government of Saakashvili was able to fight corruption effectively after the “Rose revolution”. Unlike the current Russian government and the Russian authorities that obviously gave up a long time ago and now blame all kinds of minorities and foreigners for their very own shortcomings and failures.

But in all seriousness: Not only are the propaganda-attacks out of Moscow these days downright grotesque, they also show why Russia under Putin’s reign is not a normal country and therefore should not be treated like one. The usual tools of diplomacy are useless because they are deemed as a sign of weakness by the Kremlin, since the rulers in the Kremlin only understand one language: The language of the heavy hand. Therefore, sanctions and more sanctions are the appropriate tool. The return of Russia to the G7/G8-countries is for the same reasons everything but useful. Because it should not be tolerated that a country that attempts to poison anti-corruption-activists with a neurotoxin is not a pariah-country. Russia these days simply doesn’t act like a civilized country and in regards of culture: A certain culture was also practiced among the Neanderthals. This doesn’t mean that Russia overall and the rulers in the Kremlin specifically should be given an absolution of responsibility at all! Because in all these before these absolutions caused the overall situation to get gradually worse and become as bad as it is now. The current situation is that Russia today occupies territories of two of its neighboring countries and Russian authorities in Russia itself and in foreign countries attempt to kill anybody who defied Moscow’s supposed interests at some point. All of that shows that one needs to show Russia finally some red lines otherwise the rulers in Moscow will dare to go further and next time they will not attempt to kill the mayor of Prague or an anti-corruption-activist, but maybe instead the German foreign minister and the federal chancellor of Austria.