Confessions of a Vatanforoosh: Iran, Aniran and the flood

In the past weeks Iran experienced a severe flood and a humanitarian disaster,  in certain parts of Iran more devasting than the Iran-Iraq-war, due to incompetence and negligence of the regime of the Islamic Republic. And now many media-outlets, that are associated with the Iranian opposition* see the flood and the aftermath as some kind of threat to the regime.  I have to disagree with that.

As long as there are enough stupid Iranians, who see Egrisi as much of an integral part of Iran as Khorasan, the regime will not have to fear any drought or flood that might comes. As long as there is a noticable amount of Iranians, that see the people of the Caucasus as  „Aniran“ and descendants of „Zahak“ and the Caucasus as Iranian soil, the regime will stay in place. Especially since the regime does not care, if they have any democratic or moral legitimacy to rule upon Iran, all the regime cares for is to have a tool, with which they can promote and export their ideology of the „Islamic Revolution“, read: Islamic terrorism.

Due this fact, the flood can have a beneficial factor for the regime, since the voice of the regime, Javad Zarif, now is relentlessly quacking to lift the sanctions to aid the flood-victims, despite the fact, that the International Committee of the Red Cross assured, that the aid for the flood-victims is not affected by the sanctions at all. Still, the regime plays here the victim-card to influence gullible people for their cause, because the sanctions, especially those sanctions that target the IRGC, are an actual threat for the regime.

So here is what my solution in this mess would be: More sanctions for the regime of the Islamic Republic and said sanctions should primarily affect the IRGC and  make the Treaty of Golestan look like a gift from the heavens.

*As seen here: