My Two Cents On The Burka And Other Sorts Of Face Veils

Dear ladies and fellas

If you read this blog for some time you know by now, that I am not keen on political Islam and I do not give people from regressive societies with backwards ideas a „cultural-discount“. So it will not surprise you, my dear reader, that I, as a woman, despise stuff like Hijabs, Niqabs & so on.

I despise those kinds of veils for the constant „slut-shaming“ those clothes symbolize. I despise them for the regressive idea they manifest: That only veiled woman are „honourable“ and other women are therefore sluts and because of that allowed to be harrassed and molested. I despise them for the fact, that such veils are mandatory in too many countries on this earth are and are therefore a jail made of fabric for millions of women. I got tired of the stupid people I met, who had the audacity to compare Kippot with all sorts of Hijabs & face-veils. Yes, I wish that face-veils would be forbidden, at least in civilized countries.

In the German constitution is the following sentence written: „Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar“, which means „The dignity of a human being is untouchable“, said constitution was written in the aftermath of the terror commited by Nazi-Germany in Europe, as a reminder for the future generations in Germany, in Europe. This sentence also could serve as a path to forbid the Burqa and other sorts of face-veils, at least, on German soil. Because the dignity of any un-veiled woman is violated by a Niqabi. „But bitch“, you could say, „there are tons of hardcore porn around there, in which women are objectified and humiliated, why do you don`t care about that?!?“ Well, because nobody is forced to watch such porn on a public street in broad daylight. However I see more and more Niqabis in that discrit of Zurich, which is/was known to be the „Red Light District“ and in which I grew up, as the time goes by. That worries me, because I went to school with Portuguese-, Albanians and all other sorts of children, but there is only one group of those people, that I grew up with, that now, over time, loses not only the right to chose their clothing, but also their face and the group that I mean are Muslim women. Back then, when I went to secondary school here in Switzerland, we already had Hijabis from Morocco, Somalia and Albania and it was difficult at the times, because those girls were all of a sudden sick, when we went in summer, on the last schoolday to swim, but as far as I can remember, I only saw once or twice Niqabis back then and those Niqabis were usually tourists from the Gulf-region. However, in less than ten years, much has changed and now we, as society, have even to deal with such regressive garbage as the Niqab.

And the menace does not end with garbage like the Niqab, it goes further as seen in conservative/regressive Arab-muslim societies, where women are even deprived of their own names and only known to society as Mother of … (Umm…) or Daughter of … (Bint…). In such societies it is seen as offensive to call a „honourbale“, „veiled“ woman by her real name and calling her „Mother of..“. Only hookers are called by their real names and this shows, my dear readers, where the real problem lies: The Niqab is one of the symptoms of a maladie infested by political Islam and the real problem, seen by supporters of political Islam is the woman as a public figure, as an equal citizen, that has autonomy over her own body and her own name. Does ban the face-vail abolish political Islam?!? No, but it is a good start to fight against, at least, one symptom of it.