Why I Gave Up On Russia

Dear folks

Today I had the pleasure to read, that Putin blamed ethnic minorities in Russia, such as Tatars, Jews and Ukrainians on the U.S. election interference. It is sad, but not unsurprising that anything imaginable is blamed on ethnic and religious minorities in Russia. Russia has a long history of being a colonial power and suppressing everything, that is not Slavonic and christian-orthodox, despite the fact, that Russia is supposed to be a multicultural state since czar Ivan the Terrible decided to invade and conquer the Tatar Khanate of Kazan. And today members of the parliament, such as Pyotr Tolstoy, yes he is descendant if the famous writer Lev Tolstoy, wear shirts and sweaters, that are printed with the following slogan „Orthodoxy or Death“. This mindset was one of the reasons, why I put much effort to be stripped off the Russian citizenship, because no matter how fluent your Russian is, no matter how many of your relatives died for and because of this country, no matter what, as soon as you are a Iosseliani, Mikoyan, Mammatov, Jamiliyev, Nemtsov etc. you are a second class citizen at the very best and are blamed for everything that ever could go wrong, no matter what.

If you want to paint the perfect picture of the current state of mind of the average Russian, imagine a naked Putin jerking off in front of a mirror and telling himself how great he is at doing it to himself. Basically Russia is screwing itself up, but it is alright as long as no minorities are involved and if anything bad happens, then you have the minorities to blame on.

As long as a noticeable amount of the Russian population keeps to have this chauvinistic mindset towards minorities in Russia, there is no hope for Russia. But Russia is not the only one in this minority-blame-game. There are a couple of other failed empires, who keep indulging themselves in past greatness and being the hostages of their very own delusions of grandeur.

Persian Chauvinism Is A Hell Of A Drug

Dear ladies & fellas

As you may know or not know, I have some Persian friends and through them I encounter other Iranian people and most times those experiences I have are also pleasent. However, as the time goes by, I also meet some very obnoxious people of Iranian decent. Khoda ra shokr/ Baruch Hashem they are, at least, not Islamic lunatics, because most Iranians, especally in the diaspora are pretty secular these days. Anyhow the unpleasent Iranian folk, that I encounter, is pretty chauvinistic in regard of Iran and Iranian culture, it goes as far as some want to rebuild the fucking Safavid empire. As mentioned in an earlier piece: Many people of Iranian decent take pride in their culture and their heritage. Rightfully so. However the ones, that are that chauvinistic, deny even the claim of indepence for the Caucasian* people and want to rebuild the Safavid empire (or any kind of empire) are dangerous not even for my people, but also for themselves. You will not achieve anything if you want to rebuild an entire empire with the bodies of other people and want to write about the glory of your newly established empire with the blood of others, while your own home country is a mess. In fact: Chances are big, that you will loose everything if you give in to your delusions of grandeur and dream of conquering other people, while your own native country is in deep need of any hand, that can make an actual change.

I may sound dramatic, but that is because I am of Georgian decent and I know for a matter of fact, that most Georgians would give their last drop of blood without batting an eye to save Georgia from another Persian occupaition. That makes me not „racist“ or „anti-iranian“, when I criticize such atrocities and say, that a society like the society during the Safavid empire can not be called civilzed, because of practice of slavery there. Also, I find it VERY humiliating, when chauvinist Persians claim that the Safavid empire brought civilization to Georgia and the rebuilding of the empire would be for the greater good of all, when Georgian during the reign of the girl-king Tamar abolished slavery, serfdom and the death penalty, while all those barbarousness where commited in the Safavid empire.

Summa summarum: This chauvinism does more harm than good to the people of and in Iran and should be abolished, the sooner the better.


*With that I mean people like Armenians, Georgians etc. Not Caucasians in the American way.