Favourite Things Of 2017

Dear ladies and fellas

Since another year passed by and I need a little distraction from the current news, I decided to share with you my favourite things of the last year. This time I also included something, that is not related to beauty and also it is the first time, that I write this whole thing in English. So have some fun while reading this:

  1. As you may know or not know yet: I love musky-scents with jasmine and other white petals, such as gardenia and frangipani. Such scents are the perfect combination of clean and dirty and make me smell like I had sex after taking a shower. Something that I aspire to. Especally since I once saw a documentation about Indonesia, where they showed that is recuired for a traditional Balinese or Javanese wedding to put white petals on the bed of newly-wedds. That documentation left a strong impression on me and ever since I was on a hunt to find the perfect musky-smell with white petals. It seems like I found the perfect perfume in „Myth“ by „Ellis Brooklyn“, because each time I spray it on me, I think about my weddindg…
  2. My favourite mascara this year has to be „Troublemaker“ by „Urban Decay“, because although I am of Caucasian descent, Georgian-Mingrelian to be specific, my lashes are almost non existent. So I need something that gives me length, volume, colour and does basically everything. Well, the „Troublemaker“ does exactly that, although it doesn`t pays my rent and taxes yet. But maybe an improved formula would do. Who knows?!?
  3. Here we go: The only non-beauty-related item in this list, the Polish TV-series. Because it is a must-see. Super entertaining and addicting. And so far only availlable in Polish with English subtitles. But it is certainly worth it to watch. And when did you ever hear or read, that a TV-series about border guards on the Polish-Ukrainian-border is woth watching?!?
  4. EOS do the best lip balms. Period. They are my favourite this year, they were my favourite last year and it seems like I am forever hooked.
  5. Last but not least: MAC, the company that does my favourite lipsticks, blew me out water with their new „Liptensity Lip Pencils“. These fuckers are PERFECT. They are creamy, opaque, long-lasting and actually prevent bleeding lipstick. Love them. I need to stock up on these soon.

And for this year I am gonna on the hunt for the perfect deep conditioner and the perfect sun-screen. 🙂

Oh, I couldn`t help myself: Marg bar Jumhurriyet Eslamiye.


A Little Folk Tale

Dear ladies and fellas

I thought a new series here on my blog would be great, in said series I will share some folk-tales I know. Let`s start with this one, that my grand-father told me long ago:

Once upon a time some demons, who were fed up with their duties in hell, choose to flee the hell and escaped through a deep, dark cave into the human world. Once they reached the human world, they offered their services to a young and unexperienced prince. First the prince hesitated to recruit demons, but finally he gave in, mainly because he was desperate since an empire with an army, like nothing the world has seen before, was about to invade his little realm. But first the prince let the demons take an oath, so they will follow the law of god and the righteous kings, of the country, that was torn apart back then. The demons also should always protect said country and never ever raise a hand against any righteous ruler of said country. The demons agreed and took the oath. So the demons joined the ranks of the army of this little realm and they were succesful, the attempted invasion of the empire failed, which led to the fact that Mingrelia, the realm of this folk-tale was the only region in Georgia that never fell to the Persian Empire. Some people say, it were the Persians themselves, who spred the rumour about the demon-army of Mingrelia, to discredit the rule of the House of Dadiani. Other people say, that the Krubera cave, the deepest cave known to mankind, is the cave from which the demons escaped from hell and that the descendants of the demons live among us today, always ready to raise their swords against all enemies of Georgia.

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