The Russian Dilemma

Dear readers

The elections for a mayor in the Siberian city of Ust-Ilimsk were won by the candidate of LDPR*, Anna Tshekina, whose previous experience in the professional field is limited to being a house-wife. Why I am sharing electoral-results from some Siberian neck of the woods you may ask?

Well, because they show the bigger problem, from which Russia is currently haunted: The overall Russian chauvinism, the hatred for everybody, who is non-Slavonic, non-Christian-Orthodox and the tendency to vote for any regressive ideology imaginable. 

*LDPR is supposed to *BE* a liberal party, the only thing liberal about them, is their fiscal policy and their free speech, eh excuse my French, they basically insult anybody, who is not Slavonic or Christian-Orthodox, including the Polish… So basically they make Putin look like a bleeding heart liberal.