I am not here for braindead excuses for terrorists

Dear ladies and fellas

Last week another Arab stabbed random civilians, killing one of those civilians. This time it happend in the German city of Hamburg and the murderer was asylum seeker, whose application for asylum in Germany was rejected and he was about to getting deported. However before he could get deported he commited this horrendous crime. Now all kind of apologists creep out of their holes and try to excuse and defend the crime commited by the Arab stabber. The most common  braindead“excuse“, that I heard so far in the real world and online, was that the Arab was „desperate“, because his application got rejected and he was about to getting deported and therefore could not become a dentist in Germany.

I am not down for such braindead excuses, mainly because terrorists do not commit their horrendous crimes out of despair, but because they are radicalized, mostly because they are fed from an early age with an insane amount of propaganda. People do not commit crimes or engage in terrorism only because they are desperate. That`s not how it works. There are many people in the world, who are desperate for several very good reasons. I know that from my own experience and because I grew up in Georgia, a country in which many people had for years many valid reasons to be desperate, sad and angry. Among those reasons are for example the fact, that Georgia had to endure two wars in the last twentyfive years, one civil war in the nineties and later one war against Russia. Still, one does not see Georgians commit any terror-attacks on innocent civilians out of despair.

We also don`t see Romani- and Sinti- people commit horrendous terrorattacks on civilians, given the fact that Romani and Sinti people are the most oppresed ethnic groups in Europe. Neither we see acts of terrorism commited by Jews on European soil, despite the growing antisemitsm in Europe and therefore the increased danger for Jews in Europe.

I think it is highly offensive to people, who actually suffered to excuse terrorism with „despair“ and „poverty“. Also it doesn`t fix the problem of terrorism itself, which is commited by radicalized thugs. Not desperate people.