The Key Mistakes Of The Iranian Democratic Opposition

Dear ladies & ladies

In my last opinion piece about Iran (To which I will list a link down below*),  I shed light on one of the main problems of the Iranian democratic opposition & now I want to twist the knife in the wounds again & tell about other problems. Before anybody accuses me of being racist, „anti-Iranian“ & other bullshit: I am still strictly for sanctions, that are tighter than my pussy & will the Treaty of Golestan make look like a gift from heaven, against the Islamic Republic because of course, the regime is inhuman & dangerous. But there are grave mistakes INSIDE the Iranian opposition that also need to be fixed.

In my book these are the main issues:

  1. Persian/ Iranian chauvinism: Let`s get real; most Iranians I met so far are very sophisticated & vain & also- of course- love their heritage & culture. That is all fine & dandy, until a certain point is reached. The point where the vanity & love for Iran turns ugly, is when one Iranian starts belittle others, for either being non-Iranian & therefore inferior to Iranians, or for other Iranians being not „Iranian enough“ or not a „real Iranian“. For example: I am of Georgian descent & I had to cut relationships with Iranian people, because of their attitude & their irredentist ideology, when it comes to an independet Georgia. I literally had a couple of arguments, because some Iranians called Georgia „worthless“ & „undeserving“ of being independent & dreamed to rebuild either the Sassanid or the Safavid empire & therefore making Georgia a hostage of Persian occupation again. Being of Georgian descent, it drains my soul, when people, who are incapable of fixing their own homecountry, want to invade & occupy Georgia, just to satisfy their delusions. Of course, having such ideas, while Iran is currently ruled by insane Shiite clerigy, does not help achiving freedom for the Iranian nation. Another example of this kind of chauvinism, is when Iranian people despise Islam & Arabic culture so much, that they denial the fact, that Iranians, who still, see themselves as Muslim or have Arabic names, are real Iranians. It does not help to achive democracy either, when you exclude people, because their names are „Mehdi“ or „Ali“.
  2. The Mossadegh-Martyr-Cult: There are a couple of left-leaning Iranians, who still think, that Iran isn`t democratic today, because of „Operation Ajax“ & the fact, that Mossadegh was removed from power by force. What a terrible mistake!!! „Operation Ajax“ was in 1953!!! After that, there were many coups d`etat & other intervention, by both the USA & Russia. Still other countries, who went through similar interventions as Iran, are today democracies, like the Czech Republic, where Alexander Dubcek was removed by the Soviets from power after the „Prague Spring“, because he wanted to create a „Socialism with a human face“. Or Georgia, which only became independent in 1991 & the first, freely elected president of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, was killed in 1993 by the KGB/FSB. Still, both countries, the Czech Republic & Georgia, are today democracies with civil liberties & a decently functiong state of law, because of the revolutions, that those countries had, were not „Islamic“. Iran, however, had an Islamic Revolution in 1979 & is therefore, till today, a theocracy. Not because of the fact, that Mossadegh was removed from power.
  3. The involvement of groups, like MEK in the Iranian opposition: The fact, that Iranian opposition groups are very likely hijacked by the MEK-cult-members, like airplanes in the 70ies were by Arab terrorists, is very sad. It is sad for two reasons: MEK-members are known to be bullies & to push out other members, who don`t share their ideology, from the opposition group & also, of course, the so called „People`s Mojahedin“ are terrorists, period.

*Here is the link for my other piece on the Iranian opposition: