WTF is happening in Poland?!?

Dear ladies and fellas

During the last weeks I had the pleasure to read some opinion pieces on the current Polish goverment and Poland overall, most of said opinion pieces tried hard to make a pun of the Polish national anthem and paint Poland the worst way possible.

I have to admit as somebody, who is a proud Jew, a woman and bisexual I wouldn`t have voted for PiS, the Polish „Law and Justice party“. However I am not down for the current doom mongering about the Polish state of law under the PiS-goverment. First and foremost because the PiS-party was already in charge from 2005 to 2007 and failed miserably because their ultra-conservative politics were too conservative even for a conservative and deeply catholic country like Poland. Even this time, with a huge majority in the Sejm, they fail to deliver, like they already did from 2005 to 2007. One example: In 2006 the PiS-goverment tried to introduce a law, that would prohibit the publishing of books and other media, that would cast a negative light on Poland and the Polish people. Espesciaslly had the PiS-goverment the work of the historian Jan Tomasz Gross in mind. The Polish supreme court however deemed said law incompatible with the Polish constitution and repealed the law. Now the PiS-goverment is not capable of abolishing abortion in Poland and push the Justice reform through, because Andrzej Duda, who used to be a member of PiS, refused to sign the document of the justice reform. President Duda who is so much more than a puppet of Jaroslaw Kaczynski refused to sign said justice reform because of the huge backlash from the Polish people. So unlike as in Turkey the Polish president actually cares what the Polish people really want and has no problem to act sovereign even in front of his own mentor. I am not really worried for Poland because of the strong civil society and politicians like Duda there. Because, unlike in Turkey, the Polish goverment doesn`t arrest journalists, who work for „Gazeta Wyborcza“ by the dozens. The Polish people are willing and capable to stand up for their civil rights, they live in a democracy with a functioning state of law.