My Two Cents On Regressive Lefties & Their Views On Imperialism & Colonialism

Dear ladies & fellas

Being a moderate lefty myself, it blows my mind, when I hear certain allegations from regressive lefties. It seems for certain lefties, that imperialism & colonialism can only be done by politicians or goverments, who live west of the Dnepr. For example, when Russian politicians, like Shirinovski indulge themselves in chauvinist rhetoric, the silence among people, who see themselves as „anti-imperialist“, is deafening. This carte blanche for „eastern people“ however, endangers minorities in those socities, who have to suffer under chauvinist rhetoric & actions of those, who are in charge. Also, such a carte blanche is a denial of history, because countries like the Soviet Union ( For example: During the „Prague Spring“), or the Ottoman Empire (Commited the first genocide of the 20th century) or the Persian Empire (Almost drowned Georgia & it`s people in Georgian blood) were not colonialized, but were colonial powers & imperialist themselves, hence the names Ottoman- & Persian Empire. No, today`s chauvinist & imperalist rhetoric, of such countries like Russia, Iran & Turkey is not an answer to western colonialism, but the after pains of the failures of their empires & the inabilty of the current goverments of Russia, Iran & Turkey to provide a better life for their very own citizens.

However, this opinion piece is mostly a critique for my comrades, because it gets tiring for me, when I hear the very same apologies, who are obviously „alternative facts“, while the lives of many people is in grave danger. As somebody, whose family suffered tremendously in the Soviet Union, I can not stand still, when others are slaughtered by certain countries, while others look the other way & only do something, when so called „western countries“ commit an audacity.

It seems funny, at first, when the biggest complain of university students, is the faible of the R`n`B-singer The Weeknd to wear camouflage-gear, which said university stundents deem as a sign of American imperialism, while in fact, The Weeknd is Canadian. But again, these non-issues devalue the real struggle of people, who actually face & faced real imperialsm & chauvinism in their lives. As long, as this live action freak-show in the political left continiues, my role as a devil`s adovocate is a certain one, I owe that to my maternal great-grandfathers, one of them was a Jewish communist, who was killed in 1936 by the NKWD & my other maternal great-grandfather was the private secretary of the first interior minister of the first Republic Of Georgia & for this send to the Gulag.