Where Trump And Stephen Miller Have A Point

Dear ladies and fellas

First things first: Please excuse my pathetic English. English is not my first language and I did not proof-read this post by friends of mine, whose English is far more supreme than mine, but I have to speak up on this issue. A couple of minutes ago I watched another episode of „Morning Joe“ where Stephen Miller defended the decision to only allow people to apply for the „Green Card“, who have some English skills. Obviously I am not American and do not live in any English-speaking country like Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, GB, Canada, Jamaica and Ghana, so that explains my far from perfect English, but still I am able to speak and write in this very language and that shows, that if somebody is willing to learn English one is more than capable to do so, even when in a non English speaking country.

Personally, as somebody who lived as a child in different countries, like Switzerland, Georgia (The country in the Caucasian mountains, not the state…), Russia and Kazakhstan, I see the importance to being able to communicate with the people around you and being to do simple stuff, like buying groceries, looking for a job and going to a doctor when necessary on your own. So for me to ask people to learn English, who have planes to migrate to the United States is in my book not much to ask for. Personally I wouldn`t have voted for Trump, instead I would have voted for Lewinsky, because she gets the „Job“ obviously done, when others fail. Also, I do not speak about actually refugees in my post, but of people who make plans to migrate to a certain place and for this people, again, I do not think, it is too much to ask for, that they should learn English beforehand.