Me & My Tattoos

Dear friends & ladies

A few of my friends suggested, that I should write about a subject, that is more personal to me. So I decided to write about my tattoos, because what is more personal, than the ink, that covers my shoulders & my back & is even on me, when I am stark naked?!? I know, it is controversial subject, especally since I am Jewish & many rabbis are completely against tattoos. But you know, that I am not a simple jew, or better yet, I am simple, when I see blonde ladies with big boobs, but otherwise I am complex.

So in this personal piece  I write a bit about my personal ink, other body modificaions, that I have done & drop also a few other gems of wisdom.

Proof for my badassery: Little me with a serpent. Sorry for the clothing, but those were the 90ies.

Let`s start with the obvious: Why do I have tattoos (& piercings)??? Although I was born here in Zurich, I lived in my early childhood mainly in Georgia & during that time in Georgia, after the civil war, one could see some Militia-/Mafia-thugs in the streets, who are known in Georgia as „Saqartsvelos Mkhedrioni“ („Knights Of Georgia“), who were huge, after the fall of the Soviet Union & the civil war & also had access to the weapons, who were left behind be the Red Army. The „Saqarvetsvelos Mkhedrioni“ were known for their elaborate tattoos, but most times those guys choose to cover their ink up, mostly with clothes, to hide in the crowd. One day however, I was six years old & playing in front of the house, were I lived with my grandmother, her sister & my cousins, I saw three of those „Saqartsvelos Mkhedrioni“ standing on the other side of the street & chatting in Georgian. Immediately, I was drawn to them, because one of the guys wore a „wife beater“ so his ink was on full display. I was always a badass, so of course, I went straight to the „Saqartsvelos Mkhedrioni“ & started to flatter the guy with the tattoos in Russian. Do not get me wrong, these fellas were surprised, that a little girl came to them & was chatting with them in Russian, but they were nice & immediately started to talk to me in Russian. I was complementing the guy for his ink & that I also wanted to have such stuff done, when I am older, something that the „Mkhedari“ („Knight“) deemed funny, because he keept smilling for the whole chat with me, till my grandmother noticed me with those „Knights“ & dragged me into the house. I assume, that she was worried about me. But I can tell you, that I had a very nice conversation with said „Knights“ & from that day on, I wanted to have tattoos myself. Everybody, who knows me, knows that I am very headstrong. One of the perks, of being the descendant of the two most stuborn people, Jewish & Georgian, known to mankind. So it was just a matter of time, till I got my first tattoo done. Piercings was almost the fault of my papa since he allowed me to get „Snakebites“ done, when I was in my teens, to hopefully prevent me from getting more body modifications done. I love my papa, although he does not live anymore, but in this case he failed miserably. Because I like both tattoos & piercings, now. Although I deem piercings more painful & have therefore only three piercings (My nipples are pierced & I have a cartilage piercing in my left ear).

The Chay-symbol & the Rumi-quote above.
Some of my ink from the front.

How many tattoos & piercings do I have???? Do I want more??? Well, when it comes to tattoos, my body is a work in progress, despite the fact, that I only want to cover my shoulders & the most part of my back with ink. I want to being able, to wear short-sleeves in the summer, no matter in which enviroment I work & that could be difficult, if I get tattoo-sleeves, so I shy away from that. Otherwise I do not even count my tattoos anymore, I get what I like & if I do not want to see my tattoos, I can wear a simple t-shirt. Case closed. But among my favourite tattoos is quote from Rumi on my back & the Chay-symbol, also on my back.

Are there any tattoos & piercings, that I regret getting done?!? Yes, there is one, or two piercings, that I kinda regret & it would be, that I got my nipples pierced. If I had known, that it would hurt this much, I did not have done it in the first place. But since it is done, I keep them in & they are are okay.

Will I continue to get piercings & tattoos??? Sure thing!!! Despite the fact, that I promised to a dear friend of mine, to not get any piercings in my face & also the matter of fact, that I shy away from tattoo-sleeves, I will get other piercings & especally tattoos done, in the near future. It has a certain charme to work inside certain restrictions

Any advice to get some piercings or tattoos done??? Now, it is the time for me, to finally drop some gems of wisdom & there are only few gems, but they are important, because it is about one`s physical health. First things first, if you want to get a piercing or tattoo done, go to the actual parlour. An instagram-account can not tell, how neat the actuall parlour is & how good the artist works on his clients. If you are at the parlour: Look around, the parlour has to be clean. Also, if you think something is shady at the place, walk away. There are many other tattoo-parlours, which are both neat & do not intimidate you. Talk about the price of your piece of the art, before it is done. So you have enough money with you, when it comes to paying your artist. After you got your tattoo or piercing done, keep the piercing & the tattoo as clean as possible. It does not matter, how neat your parlour was, when you neglect your piece of art afterwards. Wash your tattoos & piercings during the healing process at least three times a day. If you have a tattoo, use the salve in the following link as ointment: