Dear Iranian people

I had the „pleasure“ to get a taste of „Iranian gratefulness“ again by getting told by a fifty-something Persian, that if I do not kill myself now for Iran, than I will be charged and killed for treason after the regime-change. This gentleman also had the audacity to blame me for his ongoing exile and to claim, that I am a „worse traitor than Khameini, because Khameini, at the very least, wants to expand the borders of Iran“, while I want „to keep Iran weak and fragmented“ and that, if I really want to do something for Iran, I should kill myself now. Because I am going to be killed soon anyway. When I asked him, why he does not practice what he preaches and leads by example by dying for Iran first, he replied to me, that never in history a „pawn died for a Shah“ and „Gorji are pawns for Persians“.

I already experienced countless death-treats, where missguided members of the Iranian, called me a „dirty Tork“, „dirty Gorji“, „bisharaf“, „Vatanforoosh“ and that soon enough the work of „Agha Mohammad Khan will be finished“ and that „Georgians are lower than Malakhor, lower than animals“, simply for my heritage and for the fact, that the independence of Georgia is non-negotiable for me.

Dear Iranian people, Georgia especially and the Caucasus overall is not your freaking whore-house, so stop acting as if it is your property and we are your subjects. It is humiliating. In fact: There a quite a few brothels* out there, that are less of a mess than the Iranian opposition in it`s current state. The fact, that the Iranian opposition is such a disgrace currently allows the regime of the Islamic Republic to thrive, despite having no moral or democratic legitimacy to rule over Iran whatsoever. All while misguided members of the Iranian opposition indulge themselves in their very own delusions of grandeur.  Meanwhile Nasrin Sotoudeh and Narges Mohammadi are rotting in prison and the regime kills people with construction material in broad daylight. At the same time the president of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili , is a woman and Georgia abolished the death-penalty years ago.  So apparently it would be not beneficial for Georgia to become part of Iran in any stretch imaginable, since Iranians are currently struggling to secure basic human rights for themselves, let alone non-Iranian/ non-Aryan minorities. It was also not beneficial in the past, since the predecessors of Iran, the Persian empires, enslaved two thirds of the Georgian population, deported them to Mazandaran and Isfahan, fragmented Georgia through the Treaty of Amasya and killed the Georgian Kings and Queens, such as Ketevan the Martyr, Luarsab of Kartli and Teimuraz the First. So get you ish together and quit dreaming of being the rulers of Caucasian soil again. You are the heirs of a failed empire.

Anyways, the only few reasons why this „dirty Gorji“here  continues to fight for a secular and democratic Iran, is because I am actually an orphan, so I would not endanger anybody but myself with my engagement for a free Iran.  Also I do not believe that human rights are for negotiation and instead that everybody is born with the right of freedom and a life in dignity.

Yours sincerely

Anastasia Iosseliani

PS: Marg bar jumhurriyet eslamiye!


*Otherwise those brothels were out of business long ago.