The German goverment & the legacy of Jimmy Carter

Dear ladies & fellas

Marx is often quoted with the following sentence: „History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce.“ It seems, that the antisemitic hipster has a point in the following case, because otherwise I can not explain how and why the German goverment bows down in front of a tin-pot dictator.

In my humble opinion the German goverment repeats all the mistakes, that the American goverment under Jimmy Carter commited, while facing rabid Ayatollahs in Tehran. Currently the Turkish goverment holds several German citizens as hostages, among those hostages are a some with a dual Turkish-German citizenship. But last week the Turkish goverment took the cake and „arrested“ a German Amnesty International-employee, who was on a workshop on IT-security in Istanbul & has otherwise no ties to the Turkish Republic. What was the answer of the German goverment to this aggresion?!? Nothing, besides issueing a travel-warning for the (Islamic) Turkish Repulic…

My favourite contemporary Jewish sage, the Canadian rapper „Drake“, once said: „When all is said and done, more is always said than done.“ That`s the way the current German goverment acts: It is all talk, but no  actions. Last week the German ministry of foreign affairs held a press conference, where the talked about possible sanctions against the (Islamic) Republic of Turkey, but no actual sanctions were imposed. Said press conernce was held AFTER Peter Steudtner, the German AI-employee, was „arrested“. Dear folks, I am really concerned if a goverment like the German one, can`t handle tin-pot dictators and Islamists 38 years after the Islamic Revolution. Dialogue is here for goverments, who don`t take hostages, not for jihadi-ridden goverments. Not much since the Islamic Revolution in Iran has changed. Both Khomeini & Recep Tayyip Erdogan used the very same civil rights & -liberties, to rise to power & later abolished those very same liberties. Both, Khomeini and RTE, relied on help from Western countries when secularists forced them into an exile (Khomeini) and into a prison for incitement (RTE). Both, the current Iranian goverment and the current Turkish goverment only understand one language and this language is not Turkish, Persian, Arabic or Kurdish, it`s the language of the heavy hand. Force is the only way of communication, that is understood in these circles. If you are uncertain about my claim: Just look at Israel and the current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu: RTE and his AKP-goverment, as well as the Regime in Tehran hate Israel & Bibi, but they fear Bibi, because they know that they will die as Köfte/Kubideh if they raise an arm in an open battle against Israel. Because the Israeli goverment usually does what it says & is, unlike the German goverment, not here for impotent threats.