The Most Dangerous Islamic Organization In The World

Dear ladies & fellas

During the last week I did a little survey among my friends & asked them, who they deem the most dangerous Islamic organization in the world. Some of my friends think, that the current regime in Iran, is the most dangerous Islamic of the world, because is sponsoring many different terror-organizations like the Hamas, Hisbollah and others. Also the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is guilty of killing Argentinian Jews in 1994 and also kills secularists and LGBT-people in Iran daily. Other people think, that the Islamic State is the most dangerous Islamic organization of our time and in the world, because it enslaves Yazidi women and children and the Islamic State also expels Shiites and Middle Eastern Christians from their ancient homeland. Other friends of mine deem countries like the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and the UAE as most dangerous Islamic organizations, because those countries promote a very regressive Islam and also have functioning armed forces.

Do not get me wrong: Every organization and every country mentioned above is dangerous in it`s own right. However none of the mentioned is in my book the most dangerous Islamic organization in the world. The Muslim Botherhood is the most dangerous Islamic organization for me.

Founded in 1928 by Hassan Al-Bana in Cairo/Egypt as a pan-islamic movement, to establish a world wide Khalifate, the Muslim Brotherhood has chapters now everywhere in the world. That makes this organization so dangerous. I like to compare terrorism to cancer: Cancer on it`s own is very dangerous, it becomes even more dangerous when it is able to spread. The Muslim Brotherhood could spread from countries like Egypt, Syria and Jordan since the late 70ies to countries like Germany, Switzerland and France. That makes the Muslim Brotherhood more dangerous to me, compared to, for example the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Because as mentioned in other opinion pieces the majority of the Iranian diaspora is both very well educated and secular so it is almost impossible to spread Shiite Islamic propaganda among those people. This is sadly not the case for many people, who came to Europe from countries like Syria, Turkey etc. Most of the migrants from like Turkey, Syria come from very rural parts of their own homecountry, have very little formal education and are deeply religious with very regressive views on issues like women`s rights and civil rights for LGBT-people. So the Muslim Brotherhood was able to become the represantative of the Sunni Muslim community in many European countries. Since the majority of the European are, unlike France, not fully secular states and therefore allow Chistian churches & other religious organizations to collect taxes and to organize the religious education in public schools, the Muslim community also wants  to have a share at this and within the Muslim community, there is of course the Muslim Brothehood. As a matter of fact the Muslim Brotherhood managed to be seen as a more „liberal“ or „civilized“ version of Islam, despite their main goal to establish a world wide Khalifate. Which is basically the same that the Islamic State wants. Only the methods to get there distinguishes the Muslim Brotherhood from the Islamic State. This makes the Muslim Brotherhood and the fact that there is not enough talk about the case, that people like Tariq Ramadan (Also the grandson of Hassan Al-Bana) and Aiman Mazyek are seen as solution to integrate Sunni (Arabs) to Europe, while they are representatives of an organization, that is for me the mother of all Islamic terrorgroups, so dangerous. Both, Tariq Ramadan and Aiman Mazyek were at a certain point in time advisors to politicians in Switzerland and Germany to help integrate Sunnis in Europe. In both cases that was a wrong decision.

Not only is Tariq Ramadan the grandson of Hassan Al-Bana, Tariq Ramadan seees himself as a „reform-salafi“ (Salafist) and wants that all women wear the Hijab. Such a human being can not be seen as a liberal or political- or religious adviser in therms of integration of Sunnis to Europe. Same goes for Aiman Mazyek, who was born in the German city of Aachen, where his father fled, after he was expelled from Syria for being a member of the „Brotherhood“ and married a German woman, who converteted to Islam and later gave birth to Aiman.  Mazyek founded later the „Zentralrat der Muslime“ („The Islamic council of Muslims“), which is somewhat a proxy-organization for the Muslim Brotherhood and other shady organizations such as the Turkish „Bozkurt“. Also Aiman Mazyek used to pray in a mosque in Aachen, which was monitored by the German feds because of the ties of said mosque to the the „Brotherhood“ and later the monitoring stopped, because Aiman Mazyek had dinners with German chancellor Angela Merkel and it would be ridiculous to monitor a mosque, where a guest of the German chancellor prays, wouldn`t it?!?

So that is why I think, that the Muslim Brotherhood is the most dangerous Islamic organization in the world. Because who needs armed forces such as those of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if one is already in Europe & can act here as a fifth column?!?

WTF Is Happening In & Around Qatar?!?

Dear ladies & fellas

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me, if I know WTF is happening between Qatar & their Gulf-neighbours. Because I assume that he is not the first sophisticated fella, who is confused by the current situation in the MENA-region, I decided to write a brief guide for the perplexed & confused about the whole situation. I am not an expert on this issue by any stretch of immagination, but I have one or two gems of wisdom to drop:

So, it seems the main problem is, at least for the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia & the Sunni Gulf monarchies, the unholy trinity of Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood & the IRI. Because Qatar & the Islamic Republic both support the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar has a good relationship with the regime in Tehran. That gives Qatar a unique position among the Gulf monarchies, who have all, except Bahrain, a Sunni majority population & therefore side with the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. Qatar however, is friends with Tehran through the common friend/bitch, the Muslim Brotherhood & therefore the other Gulf monarchies have huge trust issues, when it comes to the loyality of Qatar in a Shia-Sunni-conflict that could emerge between Iran & the KSA. Especally since it is an open secret that the regime in Tehran hustles hard to spread death & destruction in countries with a Sunni majority, or countries that are somewhat allied to the KSA. For example, the Islamic Republic of Iran, financed the campaign of Mohammed Mursi in Egypt. Also the regime in Tehran funds various Sunni terrorgroups, including the HAMAS & the Muslim Brotherhood & of course, the Islamic Republic is equally responsible for the bloodshed, that we currently see in Yemen. Where Houthi-rebels that are funded by Tehran, kill Sunnis & where the Saudi-backed goverment kills Shia-followers in exchange.

Summa summarum: Qatar must decide wisely now, with whom they want to ally themselves in the future & if it is wise, to become a paria among the Gulf monarchies, for being Tehran`s bitch, while giving money to the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, the spending habits of the Islamic Republic of Iran, show how delusional the current regime is. No reasonable Iranian goverment would fund groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood, whose main goals are the same as those of the Islamic State: Establishing a world-wide Khalifat, with the Sharia as constitution, where Non-Sunni muslims, like other minorities either don`t exist, or are forced to pay Jiziya. So the sponsoring of such groups was one of the main reasons, why we face the terror group called „Islamic State“ today, because funding extremist groups always backlashes at some point. This is, what happend here, when both, the KSA & the Islamic Republic, decided in the 80ies to fund any group on earth, as long as said group had followers, which shouted „Death To Israel“ & „Death to the USA“ on the streets. Now we see the harvest of this policies & jihadism is not only an issue in the MENA-region anymore.